‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Discusses Partnership With XCALIBUR

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor showed up to the show’s season two premiere wearing a pair of XCALIBUR shoes and now, he’s in the midst of a successful partnership with the brand.

In a new interview with Beauty And Style Beat, Taylor is opening up about the project.

How did you partnership with XCALIBUR come about?

I dressed in XCALIBUR shoes to the season 2 premiere of Vanderpump Rules last year and right after, the CEO approached me to do a collection with the brand. After a ton of meetings we realized we had the same vision on where we thought the brand could go. So we decided to team up and create my own collection and it couldn’t have gone better, so far.

Were you involved in the design of your new line? How so?

Yes, absolutely. I tweak this and tweak that, everything from the collar and hoodie to the buttons. for the shoes, different designs and color to match my taste and style.

I also made sure to have pieces affordable to a wide range of people. Not only can the wealthy guy in Beverly Hills own one, but so can the guy in Ohio.

What products and styles are available in your line?

Sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirt hoodies and snapback hats (ball caps), dress shoes and tennis shoes are currently available. We will be selling heavy duty leather and canvas duffel bags as well.

Is your line for men only?

No, this line is for both men and women. I made a boyfriend sweater for women since they usually like to borrow their boyfriend’s sweaters anyway.

Have you always wanted to be involved in fashion?

I modeled and walked the runway all of the world for ten years, so the next step was to design my own line. This was not a lifelong goal, but this came about over the past few years.

Where did you get the inspiration behind your line?

I just love sweaters. Girls like guys that wear nice-fitting sweaters, which is why I love my line and also shop at Zara, H&M and Topshop.

Do you have a favorite product in the collection?

My knitted sweater with a hoodie – it will be available for purchase soon!

Is the collection available now?

Yes, everything is available online on the XCALIBUR website (http://www.xcaliburshoes.com/) as well as in one department store (so far) in Texas. We have our first campaign shoot coming up this month, which I am excited about. The vibe will be very familial, casual, cool and hip.

Will you be doing more collections for future seasons?

Yes, my next idea is to create lightweight flannel shirts to go along with the sweaters.

Have your co-stars supported this new venture?

The guys definitely love the line! Peter is shooting video for XCALIBUR and both Toms will be modeling.

Have any of the Vanderpump Rules crew tried out the line?

Yes, all of them have! They all have shoes and sweaters from the line.

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