Longer Looking Legs: How To Make Yourself Look Talker

Are you looking for ways to get longer looking legs? If so, you are in luck. After starring on Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren Conrad went on to start her own lifestyles blog. On » Read More

Ten Nail Ideas For Fall

Fall is just around the corner and everywhere we look, nail ideas are changing. Throughout summer, nail trends took center stage. From bright, summery colors and prints to over-the-top artwork like Fourth of July stars » Read More

The Perfectly White Smile: Are You Sabotaging Your Chance At Great Teeth?

Everyone wants a perfectly white smile, but are you ruining your chances at getting one? According to a new report, you definitely could be. It’s important to feel confident in your smile, so when whitening, » Read More

Seven Summer Haircuts Brought To You By Celebrities

We may be mid-summer, but its never too late to update our look — and who better to look to for inspiration for summer haircuts than today’s hottest celebs? On the red carpet, several styles » Read More

7 Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard

Just in time for the upcoming summer season, we are learning of several beauty tips that have been kept secret for years. In a new report by Stylelist, seven amazing and practical beauty tips are » Read More

Plump Your Lips: 10 Great Ways To Naturally Accentuate Your Lips

Need a natural way to plump your lips? If so, we’ve got plenty. Actresses like Scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were naturally blessed with gorgeous, full lips, but unfortunately, we aren’t all so » Read More

Celebrities Go Eco-Friendly: Check Out 5 Great Causes

In honor of Earth Week, celebrities’ top eco-friendly causes have been spotlighted. In recent years, people everywhere have become much more conscious of products and their effects on the earth, and celebrities are no different. » Read More

Makeup Artists’ Best Beauty Tips Revealed

Makeup artists know tons of great beauty secrets, and finally, their knowlege has been spread. Below is a list of great beauty tips straight from the top makeup artists to the stars. Instead Of Conditioner, » Read More

Salma Hayek: Actress Reveals Beauty Secrets

Salma Hayek recently released her own line of beauty products, and now, she’s telling all about her beauty secrets. In Nov. 2013, Hayek launched Nuance Salma Hayek, available in CVS stores, and in a new » Read More

Drew Barrymore Gives Wedding Day Style Tips

Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about beauty and style. Not only has the longtime actress been in the entertainment business for years, she’s also designed her own cosmetic line, Flower Beauty. So, when » Read More

Beauty Secrets Of The Olden Days — That Still Work

There are thousands and thousands of beauty secrets that are constantly flooding magazines, beauty salons, and beauty websites, but which ones work? In a new report, Fab Fit Fun has gathered up the best of » Read More

Yellow Nail Remedies: Natural Ways To Battle A Tinted Nail

Whether you like it or not, you may need yellow nail remedies. After months of wearing polish, many of us start to see a slight tint in our nails. Although it is not typically serious, » Read More

The Bold Brow: How To Master The Look

The bold brow is all the rage right now and luckily, there are tons of different options to create the look. In a list below, we have laid out a selection of different eyebrow styles, » Read More

Valentine’s Day Nail Design Ideas

Valentine’s Day nail ideas are here just in time for the holiday. With Valentine’s Day creeping up, women everywhere are scrabbling to figure out what to wear, how to do their hair and makeup, and » Read More

Manage Stress In Style

It’s important to manage stress. If you don’t it can quickly overwhelm your life. “When we are stressed, the blood from the internal organs is sent to the limbs for ‘fight or flight’, and the » Read More

Kristen Stewart Reveals Beauty Routine, Says She Aims To Look Like She’s “Not Trying”

Kristen Stewart isn’t exactly the first person fans would think of when celebrity beauty is mentioned — not because she’s not beautiful, because she surely is, but because she never seems to be trying. From » Read More

Flatter Your Shape With The Right Dress For Your Body Type

No matter what you are wearing, it is always important to flatter your shape. Whether it be a dress, pants, or a shirt, knowing your body type and what looks best on is key, and » Read More

Do-It-Yourself Facial: The Sunday Riley Facial Used On Stella McCartney Models

What’s better than an easy, do-it-yourself facial? An easy, do-it-yourself runway-ready facial, of course! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to walk the runway during fashion week for one of the world’s » Read More

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